From the Director

February, 2018

Well, we are half way through this terrible thing we call winter…..time to start thinking about getting ready for
the Riding Season!! For me, it means stripping down my baby and detailing every square inch of it, leaving
nothing untouched. I find a really good detailing and a couple really good coats of wax makes it a breeze to
keep looking good all summer! And of course the servicing and going through the bike makes sure of stress
free riding through the summer!! If you are looking to accessorize, also a great time to get it all handled.
This year we have an awesome calendar of rides, and it appears that a substantial amount of our membership
will be heading to Milwaukee for a great time! We have planned rides and events that will cover almost
everyone’s interests, but if you are looking to plan your own ride and want some company, let us know and we
can put it on Social Media and try to find you some company!
We would like to invite people to consider joining our Chapter’s
group of Officers and Executive! We currently have several
positions to fill, and we really would love to hear from you, if this
sounds like it might be up your alley. We are a fun group that
focuses on Riding and Having FUN, and always love to hear
input from New people and our members. If this is of interest to
you, feel free to email me at
I would like to say thank you to Jennifer and Terry, who have
recently announced their retirement from the Executive. Their
long term commitment that they have made to our group has not
gone unnoticed and we will miss having them at meetings. Thank
you both for all your time and efforts; we sincerely appreciate all
you have Done!
All the best to you Folks; remember we are on the downhill slide
to summer!
Cheers and stay safe….