From the Director

October 2017 – From The Director
Well, another year on the road is quickly coming to an end. What a Great Year we had, aside from a little more
than normal rainfall, we still lots of good riding days! We saw lots of new faces at the events this year, it is
always good to meet fellow enthusiasts that share the same passion as we all do, so if you see someone new,
say Hi and welcome them along for the ride!
As one year closes off, the members that sit on the committee start working on next year’s events, so if you
have any input, please feel free to contact one of us!
While we are on the subject of the committee, I would like
to personally say THANK YOU to everyone that gives
their time and effort into running this Group, without
these people, we would not exist. They are truly a GREAT
bunch, and give selflessly of their time to try to make
every members riding experience better!
As winter looms down on us, remember that we are a very
social bunch, and there is still lots going on through the
off season! From Wing Nights to Biker Bingo Bowling,
we try to still have fun, and I guess if we can’t ride, might
as well Party!! If you haven’t attended our off season
events, give them a try, we would love to see your smiling
In closing, I would like to thank you all for being
members of this Chapter, you are a GREAT GROUP of
people and I know my life would be different for the
worse, not having met you all! You are not just
friends….You are Family!
Keep the Rubber side down Folks!
Cheers, Trent