From the Director

June 2017 – From The Director
Well, another riding season is upon us! As you can see, I am happy to announce that I will be serving
as your Director for 2017! Firstly, I would like to take a minute to say Thank You to Rob for all he has done
and continues to do for this Group; he is pure class and will be a hard act to follow!
Well April Sunshine brings May and June Ice storms and Hail and Showers, but what the hell, we are
Bikers…..we can deal with it! As the sun starts to shine, I encourage everyone to get out and do some riding,
give the Two Wheel Tuesdays a try, take in a Rally, or just jump on and go! If you are new to riding and to our
Group, and find the group rides and events a little intimidating, don’t hesitate to contact me and we can help
organize something for you that will work in your comfortzone! We have all been there and understand!
We have lots on the calendar this year, so take a few minutes to see what is coming up. You can find the calendar at the dealership on our pegboard, or on ourwebpage which will be updated soon. We also post lots of articles and rides  on our Facebook Page which is HOG ThunderBay, so if you request to join, we will add you immediately! Our Road Captain Brad, is planning to do some day trips and overnight rides possibly, so if you have any interest or input, please feel free to contact him!
I would like to thank every member that continues to be part of our Group! It’s not only about promoting our
favorite product, it’s about the people we meet, the lifelong friendships that we develop and the stories we can tell. I know that for me, the closest friends I have, the people who I enjoy the most, are members of this Group and I hope you can all say the same!
Well here is to a Great Riding Season! Ride safe everyone and lets have some Fun!!
Cheers, Trent